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“The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil

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What is Biokinetics?

iokineticists are clinical exercise specialists with a four year post-graduate Honours degree who use scientifically based exercise programs in preventative medicine, final phase rehabilitation and performance enhancement. The essence of Biokinetics is the use of exercise as a medicine. The role of the Biokineticist is to function within a professional alliance to health and medicine. Biokineticists are recognised by and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Stephen Louw

Born and bred in Pretoria I finished my graduate degree at the University of Pretoria in 1994.

During 1995 I was one of seven students selected to do an Honours degree with a specialization in Biokinetics at the University of Zululand.

I was fortunate enough to do my internship during 1996 at the Milpark cardiovascular rehabilitation centre under Dr. Andres DiGenio and head biokineticist Tertia Putter.

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To remain passionate about helping those who come to me for treatment. To always be prepared and educated in order to produce the best results possible and in so doing earn the reputation as someone who is an expert in his field and whose focus is on his clients as unique individual humans.


My personal mission is to be consistent, progressive and relevant. I aim to make a positive change in people’s lives and I will do this through the philosophy of not chasing symptoms but instead determining the root of the problem and managing it. My mission is to be known as an innovative practitioner with a fresh approach to old problems. Individual attention and care for each client will be the hallmark of my service – one size does not fit all. I will deliver quality, accessible and cost effective health care. I recognise that I am in partnership with my clients on their journey to wellness and with my community and my employees. Most importantly I will treat all clients with respect and not forgetting that they are unique individual human beings and at the same time MAINTAINING  A SENSE OF HUMOR!


  •  Final phase orthopaedic rehabilitation-the strength phase.
  • The management of noncommunicable diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes through the use of exercise programs.
  • The management of risk factors such as obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Improved functional movement and a more balanced body with the aim on the prevention of injuries.


Stephen Louw to my family is like Ingram’s Camphor Cream, he has treated hands, knees, heals, elbows and many more. When the ligaments in my knee was completely ruptured and had to be reconstructed, many people told me that I will have a weak knee/leg after the operation. They did not know Stephen! I was not just consulted and given an exercise program to follow and told to see him again in two to three weeks. Oo No…………… “Do you want to walk and play sport again?” “If that is the case I am not wasting your time and mine by just giving you a program.  You will see me twice a week and do your exercises here”.  Those were his words, and let me tell you did he make me exercise, no mercy (in a good way) and always reminding me that I did say I want to walk and play sport again. Thanks to Stephen’s dedication and passion for his work my once operated leg is now much stronger than my other leg. If you want to see somebody that goes the extra mile to get you up and about again, in his special way, Stephen is THE Biokineticist you are looking for. – Patient since 2009

Elsabe Els

I had a total knee replacement in my right leg in February 2010. Due to a delayed operation and consequently extreme muscle dystrophy, the physiotherapist did not think there was much of ‘n prognosis for the rehabilitation of my leg. At the time I could only bend my leg  19% whereas the average patient when leaving the hospital had a flexibility of 45%. AND THEN SHE REFERRED ME TO BIOKINETICIST STEPHEN LOUW. HE WAS MY SALVATION. I was in a black depression and had no hope, but opted to follow Stephen’s directions to the tee. I remained by choice under his treatment for 18 months and returned to the physiotherapist to display my rehabilitation. I could bend my right leg to the same level as my left leg; I could squat and raise myself…. Frankly I could dance! Today I ride horse, bogey board, quad bike, climb a tree if it takes my fancy! If I do not tell people I had a knee replacement, they will never know it. When I tell people, I have to show them the scar, because they do not believe me. My leg is fully rehabilitated and it is all due to the treatment, diligence and expertise of Stephen Louw who gave me my mobility back.  He will be forever in my gratitude. – Benoni 2015.04.09

Mitzi Schutte

Stephen Louw was recommended to me as a Biokineticist in June 2007 as I was suffering from chronic back and muscular pain caused by polymyalgia. I have been with him since then, attending two sessions per week. He has helped me with exercise that is relevant to the pain I may be suffering at the time and with advice on how to improve the use of various muscles for support and strength and to alleviate pain. Stephen is extremely knowledgeable in his field He is absolutely professional at all times and is scrupulously honest. He has a lovely sense of humour which lightens any situation and assists in the rehabilitation process. Having recommended many people with different kinds of chronic and acute pain to Stephen over the years I have always had the most positive feedback about how he has helped them. Many of them continue to see him weekly, every second week, or as they find it necessary. – April 2015

Ann Capecchi

Stephen has been working with me for 2 years now. Twice a week I am eager to go, to help restore the strength which Adrenal Fatigue has affected. I have had a back op in 2000 & he is always mindful of exercises to strengthen my core and then further. Other health issues have cropped up and his wisdom has been invaluable, together we have conquered them. My health and strength are so much better, but I continue to go to Stephen, since a break in exercise soon shows itself. He has helped me to take charge of my health.

H L Swan

I met Stephen in 2004. I had undergone abdominal surgery and faced more surgery. My original request was to prepare me for the surgery and to aid post-operative recovery. His programs were hugely successful. Thereafter Stephen coaxed me through a successful Comrades Marathon. His knowledge base is immense, and increasing. He has an ability to find the cause of a problem and treat accordingly. Stephen genuinely wants to help his clients. I would not willingly see another biokineticist.

Dr.Tanya Grantham

Three years ago I was battling with a sore Achilles heel and stiff Gluteus muscles, all this as a result of starting Triathlons at the age of 52 years, I was introduced to Stephen Louw (Biokineticist) who managed to solve all of my problems through careful assessment and resolving the issues. I have since been able to perform better and have been given a stretching regime by Stephen. Further to this I am an avid golfer and the core strength exercises has improved my driving distance and accuracy. This has really changed my life and I am now able to enjoy all my sports without the implications of  pain. I continue to see Stephen twice a week and truly see and feel the benefits. – April 2015

Gavin Homan

I have known Stephen Louw for the past 12 years. I consulted him after having been told by Orthopedic and Neurosurgeons that I should have wedges and / or fusions on my back for extreme pain. Stephen diagnosed and treated my back and within 6 months I was pain free. His treatment and execution of the therapy was always thorough and handled with care and empathy. Over the years Stephen has dealt with other problems I have suffered and I have always found him professional and eager to research and deal with any problems he encounters. He is always pleasant and polite and I would recommend him to anyone needing rehabilitation therapy.

Mrs. Paula Tiedemann

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